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#Internships Available at TDC

TDC offers internship programs of 6. months tenure for undergraduates and graduates from our office location in Udaipur, Rajasthan. We have projects mostly from overseas, and the interns will directly work on projects under our TDC experts' guidance and get industry knowledge. TDC provides enough time for research and development to all the interns and employees so that personal growth never stops.Our internship module works on 80% of the tasks assigned and 20% on individual learnings.TDC provides a letter of recommendation after 6. months of internship programs and a stipend as per the performance reviewed by the manager. We also offer job opportunities for the interns as per their performance chart.

#Jobs Available at TDC

#Our Benefits

Flexible Schedule

TDC allows employees to work when it is most convenient for them or when they believe they will generate the most.

Celebration & Outing

Whether on a corporate retreat or at a festive celebration, we enjoy working together as well as having fun.

Comfortable Workspace

We provide a workspace that encourages employees' creativity and keeps them engaged, making it easier for them to complete their tasks.

Courses & Conference

We promote our employees' self-development and professional advancement by covering some course and conference costs.

Amazing Team

We are a team of diverse and talented experts with varying background and skills willing to support each other whenever team members need assistance.


Productivity comes with a relaxed mind. A few min breaks fuel the productivity. TDC provides space for tea and lunch breaks, a bit of fun. Office Cafeteria always has a connection to fun stories. Isn't it?

Collective Decision

We involve every employee in the decision-making process so that they can exchange ideas, learn from one another, and collaborate toward a common goal.

Equal Opportunities

Every employee is given equal opportunity to present new ideas, and creativity and explore different areas of interest.

Continuing education

Many individuals are unaware that education and health are inextricably linked. Learning new tricks as you get older helps to keep your brain busy and healthy.
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